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Fun Photos of the Cool Stuff You’ll Discover When You Visit Toy House

Toy House Directional Pole Sign
All your favorite family-friendly places to visit (including your all-time favorite – Toy House – right on top!)
Toy House Directional Sign Pole
How many places have you visited that were as fun as Toy House? Check out the sign pole out front for directions to your favorite places!
The top of the Toy House directional sign pole
The best sign is on top telling you that you are only 44 feet from your favorite independent, family-owned toy store!
Directional Signs on pole at Toy House
Ever wondered how to get to Sesame Street? Head east from Toy House 549 miles.
Toy House Directional Sign Pole "Where the Wild Things Are" sign
Our favorite sign on the sign pole and guess where it points – right at Toy House!

Groovy Girl Canopy at Toy House and Baby Too
Everything is looking Groovy in the Groovy Girl Doll Department at Toy House
Toy House Book Department Sitting Area
Not many toy stores have a book department so big that it needs a sitting area. Ours does.
Circus Mirror at Toy House and Baby Too
Pretty much everyone stops for a good laugh at the circus mirror inside the front door of Toy House
Toy House Train Mural in Train Department
Our talented in-house artist Kristina painted this mural for us back in 2012
Popcorn Cart at Toy House and Baby Too
You get free popcorn every Saturday at Toy House and Baby Too

Nostalgia Wall Photo Case with pictures of original Toy House building
The nostalgia wall shows off pictures from the old store along with some classic toys that were made right here in Jackson!
Toy House and Baby Too Giftwrap Paper through the years
If you ever received a gift from Toy House, it was wrapped in one of these giftwrap papers
I Smile Because... chalkboard on side of Toy House
Toy House is on the Grand River Art Walk. Check out our interactive art installation on the side of our building and tell us what makes you smile.
Magic Show on Toy House Stage
Our stage is your stage! If you have a family-friendly act, you can perform it right here at Toy House!
Toy House Stage decorated with Shop Small bags
Sometimes we use the stage for performances, sometimes for advertising. Always we encourage you to “Shop Small” at your favorite indie stores.