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Your Favorite Outdoor Play Toys for Active Kids

We are sad to say that Toy House is now closed.

Please support your local toy stores and independent retailers. They care about you and the products they sell more than they care about just making a buck.



Do you need balls?

You will find Playground Balls, Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Baseballs, and Footballs, and a whole bunch of other round, bouncy items when you visit.

Feel free to play and have a ball when you visit Toy House!


Do you need discs and hoops?

You will find Frisbees and Beamos and Hulas and Nerfoops and a whole bunch of circular flying and spinning items at the store including juggling items, yo-yos, kendamas and other skill toys.

See how many hula hoops you can spin (the world record of 14 was set by a girl in Michigan).


Do you need sleds?

You will find super fast, super durable and super ugly sleds that will handle Michigan’s #1 rated sledding hill (the Cascades) with ease.

You will love Michigan winters when you have a sled from Toy House!


Do you need ride-ons?

You will find Toddler Trikes, All-Terrain Wagons, Balance Bikes, and other wheeled items.

Your kids will be moving and grooving after a visit to Toy House.

When you want to get your kids outside and active, stop in and see how we can make outdoor play their favorite way to play!

Toy House and Baby Too, sporting goods, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, toy store
Toy House has your sporting needs including basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and playground balls.
Toy House and Baby Too, toy store, hula hoops
Toy House and Baby Too loves to hula hoop! How about you?
Toy House and Baby Too, toy store, ride-ons, plasmacar, balance bike
Toy House has wheels for the toddler crowd
Toy House and Baby Too, bicycles, John Deere, toy store
Toy House proudly features John Deere bicycles
Toy House and Baby Too, John Deere, Wagon, riding toys, outdoor toys, toy store
Toy House and Baby Too carries a fine selection of wagons and other outdoor toys.
Toy House and Baby Too, rocking horse, baby store, ride-ons, toy store
Toy House brings a whole new meaning to Rock N Roll


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