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Your Favorite Toys and Games

We are sad to say that Toy House is now closed.

Please support local toy stores all around the country. They will find you unique toys and games that you and your family will love.

If you are missing Toy House and want to see another large, iconic toy store in Michigan that has been around many generations, we suggest you visit:

Doll Hospital and Toy Soldier Shop
3947 Twelve Mile Rd
Berkley, MI 48072
(248) 543-3115


We have more toys under one roof than you’ll find in any other store in America!


Games: You’ll find games for all ages from Cooperative Games for young kids to Party Games for adults. You’ll find strategy games, word games, active game, card games and classic games.  

You’ll find your favorite games from companies like Milton Bradley, Blue Orange, USAOpoloy, Mattel Games, Winning Moves, ThinkFun and many more.


Puzzles: Every year we sell over a million puzzle pieces in every shape and size imaginable. You’ll find the largest selection of woodboard puzzles for younger children anywhere in America. You’ll find hundreds of 1000-piece puzzles from many top brands. You’ll find large-format puzzles, 3-d puzzles, ginormous puzzles, and puzzle accessories.

You’ll find the exact perfect puzzle you need from companies like Ravensburger, Masterpieces, White Mountain, Melissa & Doug, Puzzles that Rock, Ceaco, Springbok and many more.


Preschool Toys: From rattles to railways, you’ll find something awesome for every developmental stage of toddlers and preschoolers including a wide array of toys suitable for special needs. You’ll find tactile toys, teethers, trains, tea sets, trucks, tools, blocks, balls, builders, shape sorters, stackers, pull-toys, and everything in-between.

You’ll find something your child will love from companies like Melissa & Doug, Hape, Janod, Uncle Goose, Tomy, Tolo, Kidoozie, and many more. 


Construction Toys: Whatever you want to build, we have the set to help you build it. Whether you’re looking for wood, plastic or metal, you’ll find hundreds of ways to build from such great companies like LEGO, Erector, Clix, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Quercetti, Melissa & Doug, Uncle Goose and many more. 


Vehicles: Whether diecast or plastic, metal or wood, you’ll find tons of vehicles that roll, shake, drift and get built. You’ll find all your favorites like Hot Wheels and Matchbox, Tonka and John Deere and a whole lot more. 


Dolls: Your favorite doll went with you everywhere. Your favorite doll stayed with you a long time. You probably still have her safely tucked away. Start building those memories in your child with dolls from Madame Alexander, Marlon, Melissa & Doug, Manhattan Toy, Mattel, Corolle and more. 


Dress-up: Who would you like to be today? A Pirate? A Princess? A Police Chief? A Fairy? Whether you’re looking for something for Halloween or something to encourage your child’s creativity, we have quality dress-up clothes from hats to shoes and everything in between. You’ll find capes and costumes, crowns and gowns and a whole lot more. 


Theme Play: You can ride the high seas on a Playmobil Pirate Ship, or set up house for your Calico Critter family, or clean the stables of your Breyer Horse Barn, or ride the rails with Chuggington Railways, or cook dinner in your own Hape Kitchen, or build a tower in your own Melissa & Doug Workshop, or create a Safari Jungle, or get groovy with your Groovy Girls


Arts & Crafts: Would you like to paint, draw, sculpt, design, etch, or just simply be your creative self? Pablo Picasso said that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

We have the tools to keep your kids artists for quite a long time including art kits and supplies from Crayola, Melissa & Doug, Faber-Castell, The Orb Factory, and many more. 

Toy House and Baby Too, Games, Game of Life, Winning Moves, toy store, game shop,
You’ll find all the latest games and your favorite classics in the Game Aisle at Toy House and Baby Too
Toy House and Baby Too, Ravensburger, Jigsaw Puzzle, toy store
32,000 piece Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle at Toy House and Baby Too. Do you have the fortitude to put this together?
Toy House and Baby Too, teethers, rattles, baby toys, preschool toys, toy store
You’ll find trusted brands and great toys at Toy House and Baby Too
Toy House and Baby Too, LEGO, Minecraft, LEGO Minecraft, toys, building blocks, toy store, construction toys
Toy House and Baby Too and LEGO both started in the year 1949!
Toy House and Baby Too, John Deere, dump truck, Tonka,
Toy House and Baby Too has the trucks you want!
Toy House and Baby Too, dolls, raggedy ann, raggedy andy, baby dolls, toy store
The doll department at Toy House and Baby Too includes dress-up dolls, soft dolls, baby dolls and rag dolls like the ever-popular Raggedy Ann & Andy
Toy House and Baby Too, dress-up clothes, dresses, toy store
Dress-up toys unleash a world of creativity and imagination. Toy House and Baby Too has the outfits and accessories to take your child anywhere she wants to go!
Toy House and Baby Too, Playmobil, LEGO,
Playmobil has been a child favorite for decades. Toy House and Baby Too is proud to be an authorized Playmobil dealer
Toy House and Baby Too, paint brushes, art supplies, Melissa & Doug, paints
Toy House and Baby Too has all your art necessities – paints, brushes, markers, crayons, chalks, paper, easels and more.

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